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Sara Miller

Peers Hardy invites you to enter the enchanting world of Sara Miller London. A luxury brand with a stunning collection of designs which celebrate a love of print, pattern and colour. Named ‘Most Promising Young Designers 2016’ in the prestigious Henrie Awards, Sara Miller is a British designer who expresses her passion for travel and love of different cultures in her art. Sara’s design work has always been influenced by her passion for travel and a love for experiencing different cultures. From the intricate decorative henna work in Jaipur to the sensational Sakura cherry blossom in Japan, Sara loves exploring it all and bringing a piece of this inspiration back to her London studio, where she uses her unique creativity to produce truly beautiful, sophisticated and elegant designs. Her work is refined and has a distinctive creative flair, be it the little extra flash of colour that may appear unexpectedly in a design or a strong and confident use of crop and scale. Every decision is carefully considered. Sara’s sophisticated and elegant designs can already be found across a range of products, including greeting cards, homeware and stationery. We are incredibly proud to add watches and jewellery to this collection, with a focus on attention to detail and refined finishes bringing Sara’s exquisite prints to life. These stunning and vibrant designs, complemented by exquisite packaging and gold detailing, will brighten every day.

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